UCR October Conference Call
Here are summary notes from today's UCR monthly board meeting:

Indiana's nationwide system will be ready at midnight tonight to accept 2011 UCR fees. At the stroke of midnight, the database for 2008 will no longer be available from the SAFER link.

FMCSA confirmed that SAFER data will experience no changes relative to CSA 2010 switch in December.

In September 2011, all DOT##s listed as "registrants" will become "inactive" in MCMIS. Each state will contact these entities and advise of the new federal law. They will keep their existing DOT# by updating the MCS-150 if they transport their own commodities or "for hire" commodities. If they are truly an owner/operator, these entities will need to produce the lease as well as carrier's DOT under which they lease when renewing IRP registrations.

Form for tracking intrastate vehicles excluded from UCR payment is being created for industry use. This form should be made available in case of audit. Form will be available on Indiana's site once approved.

Be aware that Georgia's Department of Revenue website lists two UCR programs which is confusing to Georgia carriers: Unifed Carrier Registration (nationwide/interstate) as well as a program for their GA intrastate carriers.

Next conference calls are scheduled for November 4 and December 2 at noon EST.
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