UCR 2010 rule at OMB
During the UCR monthly meeting, we learned the ruling for UCR 2010 fees is under consideration by OMB. There is no indication as to how quickly OMB will act. We were cautioned once the rule is issued, it will return to DOT which may take some additional time (but hopefully not much!)

The UCR board will take action to set the 2011 fees at same levels as 2010 once they are approved. The three years (2007, 2008, 2009) are approximately $90M short of revenue projected.

The law requires vehicles "under" 10,000 to also register paying a flat $39; however without a DOT or MC assignment, it's hard to identify such owners (ie carriers) and equally impossible on enforcement. This will be discussed more in the future.

Future Board Meetings: May 20 (telephonic); Park City Utah, on June 9 (8 AM to noon in person); July 8 (telephonic)

Note that attendees to the Park City Meeting will be offered transportation to/from airport to resort by the Utah DOT. Arrival/departure times of each attendee will be requested at time of registration.
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