Document Pin #
The FMCSA website now allows carriers or their agents to perform all functions online: address updates; re-entitlements and/or voluntary revocations - actions which you formerly had to fax over. However, before you can implement these actions online, you must clear three layers of security: carrier's DOT# PIN; carrier's FEIN# and Document PIN# (new feature).

All existing carriers (MC, FF and MX) will receive a letter in the mail advising their Document Pin # so you need to alert your carriers to watch their mail for such letter. Mailing to all carriers started on November 9.

If you want to request a DOCUMENT PIN NUMBER for a particular carrier, you can do so online by clicking “yes” on screen two after you select “I need to reinstate my authority”. You will need a credit card for verification purposes and go from there. The carrier does not have to be inactive to request the document PIN number. We have no idea how long it's going to take to receive these letters by mail but best guess is a couple of weeks.

If a carrier needs reinstating, don't wait for the letter to arrive with the Document PIN#. The insurance team has a specific form they want you to use to request a manual reinstatement. NASTA members received this form from us via email. If you are not a member of NASTA, just call us and we will forward to you.

We have made a suggestion to the FMCSA IT Technology team to begin releasing the Document PIN# online for new carriers at the same time they assign the DOT, MC and DOT PIN#. We await their response.
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