UCR fees for 2010
During today's UCR Board meeting, Bill Quade announced that FMCSA is in the final review stage for 2010 rule and it should go to Secretary LaHood early next week. As the rule will not need OMB approval, publication in Federal Register will make the ruling effective immediately.

The UCR Board approved the 2010 instructional sheet and registration form - only the fees need to be inserted and states can begin mailings. Most states hope to get their mailings out within 30 days of Register publication date. Sandy Bowling said Indiana's system can be updated and ready to accept online fees within a couple of days after notice is published in Federal Register. Once year 2010 is available online for registration, year 2007 will no longer be available for any carriers who should pay 2007 fees; however year 2007 data will be retained for any audit purposes.

Once the ruling is promulgated, UCR board will survey the states to determine status of mailing and inputting renewals. All states are encouraged to have renewals in system within 75 days of Register date so an enforcement date can be recommended.

Anne Ferro has been confirmed by the Senate and will assume her duties as FMCSA Administrator on Monday, November 16.

Future UCR meetings: December 10 (phone; January 12 (in person in San Diego); February 11 (phone)
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