UCR Awaits 2010 fee ruling
This is a place holder for November 12 UCR call as we all hope to learn the 2010 fee schedule.

Every trucking publication has written articles regarding the registration fees that motor carriers and freight brokers must pay will more than double under the plan put forward by the FMCSA.

The FMCSA carefully examined the UCR Board's entire fee recommendation, including the methodology and specific findings of the Board. FMCSA also independently considered the factors specified in SAFETEA-LU and utilized data and analysis provided by the Board in its fee recommendation, as well as data from other sources. FMCSA did not propose the fee contained in the UCR Board's April 3, 2009 recommendation because FMCSA believes that it did not meet statutory requirements. FMCSA developed the alternative proposal as published September 3 in the Federal Register.

Industry representatives adamantly opposed the hikes during the comment period set at September 18 and subsequently extended to October 3. We all now await DOT and OMB's final decision.

Below is the UCR bracket and fee structure (current and proposed). Legislative change for 2010 is trailers are no longer counted in the bracket - only vehicles.

B1 (0-2 vehicles) - $39 raised to $87

B2 (3-5 vehicles) - $116 raised to $258

B3 (6-20 vehicles) - $231 raised to $514

B4 (21-100 vehicles) - $806 raised to $1,793

B5 (101-1,000 vehicles) - $3,840 raised to $8,541

B6 (1,001 and above) - $37,500 raised to $83,412
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