ATA Challenging D.C. Truck Rules
American Trucking Associations and two state ATA affiliates, Maryland and Virginia, are taking issue with the District of Columbia’s new thrust on truck lengths and credential requirements.

In a letter sent Tuesday (Nov 10) to District Director of Transportation Gabe Klein, ATA said the credential requirements “are a violation of federal law” and “that the underlying permit requirements for over length vehicles appear in large part to be a violation of District law as well.”

The nation’s capitol recently announced it is stepping up enforcement of a ban on combined tractor trailers over 55 feet but will allow them entry if they obtain a special permit and display the permit tag on the truck.

The tag requirement, the ATA letter said, violates federal law that prohibits such identification devices as burdensome to the trucking industry. And the special permit requirement for 55-foot vehicles, ATA said, contradicts other provisions in the District code that allows such lengths without permits.
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