Online Modifications by FMCSA
Modifications to the FMCSA online system are now requiring extra security levels for reinstatements and new authority types filed under an existing mc assignment. We are having problems on the public side but unfortunately the FMCSA staff is having difficulties entering reinstatements and name changes as well. Volpe staff is working to correct these problems and FMCSA hopes the issues are resolved before close of business Tuesday as federal offices are closed tomorrow observing Veterans' Day.

Here’s what I learned from 3 different FMCSA sources regarding the weekend changes to online system:

REINSTATEMENTS: A new system was implemented yesterday requiring the motor carrier to have a MC pin number not DOT pin number. When they go onto the screen to reinstate, they must click on send a pin number. Until their pin number has been received, they will need to fax over a request to 202-385-2422 to get the authority reinstated. The PIN will be sent via regular mail (not e-mail) and to the carrier (not the agent).

NEW OP-1: This new MC pin requirement was designed for reinstatements only but it’s affecting new applications as well!! So, if you need to start the clock ticking on an application today, you must fax over an OP-1 with the credit card information. Fax to licensing at 202-366-3477.

NEED A DOT PIN: There is still no way to get a DOT PIN online. At this time, mailing is the safest and best way to provide secure information and access to the carrier. The letter should take two weeks, but if there is a delay, the carrier can call 1-800-832-5660 (press option 1 and then option 2 for PIN registration assistance).

Credit Card Payment: When you send over a re-entitlement (or any other fax) request with payment, be advised the system will no longer accept a credit card with PO Box mailing address. Be sure the card you provide links to a street address or it will be declined.
It was a tough day for the FMCSA licensing and enforcement teams.
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