August 6 UCR Board Mtg
  41st UCR Board of Directors teleconference
During Roll call, many states announced “no change” in their enforcement. Michigan had a UCR blitz and issued over 200 citations. They have seen increased registration since the blitz.

UCR fees for 2010 will be with the Reauthorization bill and it may be a continuing resolution that will have to be dealt with after the August recess. By the end of September they will have an idea of when it will be processed. Reality is that Congress is dealing with health care, etc. and until that is resolved nothing else will happen. Infused 7 billion into the Highway Trust Fund that should take us into September.

FMCSA—Bill Quade—draft should be out on the streets in the next week or two. Aware that this process is critical. When they issue the proposed rule making, they want comments right away. Whether you like it or not. Facts and data supporting or disputing the rulemaking is important.

Once MPRM is issued. Then FMCSA will not be forthcoming with their comments. There will only be a 15 day comment period. They are trying to expedite this as much as possible.

Sandy Bowling— Started a report of “returned e-checks” for each state so that the state will see that she has taken her money back from the state and she has entered the information into the system so that they are now NOT LEGAL TO OPERATE. Each agency will have to collect the money from the state.

Third party provider has been getting calls from motor carriers stating that they didn’t travel in Indiana and should not have paid Indiana IRP fees (UCR). The third party provider returned the money. Sandy now has the list and will be working on resolving the issue in the near future. Sept 2007 - current $21,000.

FMCSA is in the process of testing the new Scema file that was missing items. Bringing all new carriers so that they don’t have to go in and do modification. Sandy will let us know when this has taken place. Hopefully by the end of this month or sooner.

Credit card disputes—75 carriers—Sandy will contact the appropriate states with the DOT#s so that the state can call the carriers.

Barb Hague — Aug 12, 2009 proposed change to guidance to the definition of Principal Place of Business. No intent to keep a business from having two places of business. What about the o/o who lives in his truck and has no permanent address, just a PO Box? The o/o would not have a “real” address as described in the rule.
Bill Quade FMCSA said that all o/o have an address or somewhere that is something other than his truck. Some place that they call home for tax purposes. The same problem would also arise with the original definition.

IRP is Established Place of Business. Clarification of guidance is only for FMCSA purposes. This only involves the issues that FMCSA has with locating carriers to do compliance reviews.

Scott w/Alabama—UCR Compliance issues—presently the only contact that the carriers get in a non-participating state is the initial mailing. Requests that the board come up with a resolution of sorts to encourage or act on the method of subsequent with these carriers. Possibly develop something that will be sent out on a quarterly basis or an annual basis.

Tom Klingman—Enforcement needs to be stepped up. Who can collect at roadside? Are there administrative changes that need to be made to step up enforcement? Enforcement is a real important part of the program.

Cathy Beedle—wondering what they need to tell carriers about the 2010 UCR implementation. The committee will look back to see if there is a notice of this type in previous files.

Aug and Sept dunning notice to carriers who have not registered in 2009. Don’t think 2010 mailings will be done much before October. October mailing for 2010 fees would take a miracle.

Future board meetings: 9/3/09; 10/15/09 and 11/12/09
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