UCR July 9 Board Mtg
The main focus during today's UCR conference call was additional options regarding 2010 bracket and fee structures. The roll call of states also advised any changes with enforcement. Connecticut announced IRP renewals are now linked to UCR renewals.

Two additional options were considered in lengthy detail but were not approved by motions. ATA and other industry leaders reiterated this is not the year to increase the UCR fees. Following further discussion the motion passed to simply let FMCSA begin the rulemaking process which means FMCSA will set the 2010 fee brackets. The first proposal sent back in February to FMCSA is still on the table but FMCSA had questions regarding bracket shifts (based upon the removal of trailers) and the whole universe of active carriers per MICMUS.

The audit committee continues to address “how to audit” beginning with 2010. The triggering factor for state compliance will be reduction of “intrastate” vehicles. We are reminded that even if vehicles stay within state boundaries, they are subject to UCR fees IF they engage in moving of interstate freight.

Future UCR Board meetings via telephone are scheduled for August 6, September 3 and October 15.
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