UCR Board Mtg
Here are my notes from November 6th UCR board meeting:

FMCSA and the UCR systems committee have a scheduled conference call next week primarily to discuss enhancements for uploads/downloads between the various systems as IT issues continue especially with new carriers and those who have been reinstated.

Permitting Services who process a minimum of 200 UCR accounts per year can request a user name/password. You may choose payment by e-check account or cc account but having an account will eliminate the payment entry with each order. Sandy Bowling reported she has received many emails and it will take a couple of weeks to set-up all the accounts that have been requested.

The states were surveyed and most are enforcing 08 UCR registrations, via state troopers or roadside inspections.

"Trash" as a commodity was once again discussed and the conclusion reached that what a carrier transports doesn't make a difference and doesn't preclude UCR registration. Following discussion, Board approved motion that "trash haulers be included in UCR effective calendar year 2009."

HR 2095 will remove motor carriers operating in Hawaii from being subject to the UCR. However, a similar provision is not made for motor private carrier, freight forwarder, broker, or leasing company.

Some carriers are sending in 09 UCR payments when they haven't registered for 07 or 08. The states are looking carefully to see if the carrier should have paid for those years as well. States have various administrative methods of communicating with the carrier(s) if a prior year should have been paid.

Board approved motion to direct Depository Committee to make the distribution of 08 fees collected thru June under the 07 disbursement formula. Checks will go out to states early next week.

Audit Subcommittee's will present a written report at the January in person meeting. They are looking to estabilsh an audit guide for the motor carrier as well as base state audits. Relying on the primary source of information (MCS-150)their goal is to enhance collection and registration fees based upon a consistent and uniform procedure from state to state.

Future meetings: December 4 (phone) and January 13-14 (in person), Austin, TX
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