Carriers Transporting Passengers Over Regular Routes
  Proposed Rule: Elimination of Route Designation Requirement for Motor Carriers Transporting Passengers Over Regular Routes

Federal Register: 73FR 45929
RIN: 2126-AB16
Docket #: FMCSA-2008-235
49 CFR Part: 356, 365, 374
Publication Date: 8/7/2008
Comment By Date: 9/22/2008

FMCSA proposes to discontinue its current requirement that applicants seeking authority to transport passengers over regular routes submit a detailed description and a map of the route(s) over which they propose to operate. The Agency would register such carriers as regular-route carriers without requiring designation of specific regular routes and fixed end-points. Once these regular-route motor carriers have obtained operating authority from FMCSA, they would no longer need to seek additional FMCSA approval in order to change or add routes.

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