UCR Board Mtg Summary
The FMCSA reported there are 34 states using the Indidana nationwide online system and the 7 states (AL, IL, IA, ME, ND, SD and VA) with independent systems can now transmit UCR registrations directly to DOT.

It is important to remember that the data may not be accurate when checking SAFER to determine whether or not a carrier paid 07 fees. Why not?

(1) Because some carriers may have gone directly to the state and paid 07 fees;
(2) Because not all states used the Indiana system for 07 and thus that data will not appear (and probably never appear) as a recordation under SAFER;
(3) If in doubt, please check with your carrier (or his home state) and ask before you assume 07 was not paid;
(4) Also please remember if the carrier did not operate in 07, he does not owe 07 UCR fees;
(5) UCR training manuals will be modified to reflect that "private carriers of passengers" are not required to pay 08 fees;
(6) Finally, if a carrier owes for 07 and 08 in one of these states (AK, AZ, CA, DE, NC, MO, MN, PA, VT), he must choose a base state for 07 that was a UCR participant and then can pay 08 in his home state.

It has taken FMCSA many months to get these independent state systems certified to upload/download data with DOT's system so that the 08 data on SAFER will be accurate.

Enforcement is for 08 fees and does begin June 1. Life will be easier for the carrier and the roadside officer if proof is available that the fees were paid (especially since not all the 07 fees are available online).

Sandy Bowling reported they have found a temporary solution so a Canadian carrier can register using a Canadian credit card. The address field needs to be populated with Indiana's (5252 Decatur Blvd, Indianapolis, IN 46241) address and not the carrier's address.

A resolution on eliminating trailers from the vehicle count was approved. This does not affect 08 procedures. Note this elimination is for the future and will not take effect until 09 or later as it must go through the legislative process, most likely as a technical correction bill.

Next UCR meeting is April 10 (phone); May 8 (phone) and June 9-10 (Louisville, KY)
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