NCSTS Meeting Results
  A conference call held today by state representatives discussed the mailings of 08 UCR registration fees and the establishment of a national enforcement date. Carriers will receive a renewal letter, similar to the 07 instruction notice.

The date of June 1 was agreed upon as a national enforcement date for 08 UCR fees. Note that Alabama and Illinois will have state enforcement of their carriers effective May 1 as they have their own registration systems.

Indiana's nationwide system is still undergoing testing. It is now projected that carriers/agents can begin paying 08 fees on March 12. Once again, we will advise as soon as we know the system is ready.

The good news is that Iowa, North Dakota and Virginia are now technically certified to exchange data into SAFER system regarding UCR fee payments.

The UCR Training manual will be modified to reflect that "private carriers of passengers" are not required to pay 08 fees.
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