UCR Board Mtg February 21
FMCSA reported on three items:
(1) The technical amendment to leave 2008 fees at 2007 level has cleared DOT channels and should be published in the Federal Register some time next week. The fee brackets will be effective upon publication.
(2) Three states (Iowa, Virginia, and North Dakota) still have not been certified to transmit real time data to DOT computers. Efforts continue with a target date of early March to certify uploads from these independent systems.
3) Working to correct or identify the bad addresses in MICMUS system that caused so much undeliverable mail to carriers in 07.

Sandy Bowling (Indiana) reported:
(1) Enhancements to Indiana’s system will be tested over March 1 and 2. 2008 renewals could begin as early as the next day. Many of these enhancements relate to reports that states will be able to download.
(2) While 2008 registrations could conceivable begin on March 3 via Indiana’s system, it is strongly recommended you wait for official word that all testing went smoothly. We will post the "ready to pay" sign as soon as we receive it.
(3) It will not be mandatory for carriers to register for 07 before registering 2008. Reminder that the UCR Board did pass a motion at the January meeting which encouraged carriers to pay 07 fees before paying 08 fees; states can request justification from any carrier who did not pay 07.
(4) Note that some permit services went online and paid 07 when they didn’t need to. The key as to which year the carrier pays all depends upon when the carrier began operations. Remember: downloads go from DOT to Indiana’s system every day and just because the DOT or MC assignment is in Indiana’s system does not mean the carrier owed 07 fees.
(5) Remember there are five new participating states for 2008 registrations: Alaska, California, Delaware, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. UCR is till waiting to hear from Minnesota and Missouri regarding 08 participation.
(6) Canadian credit card issue still not resolved. They think they have a possible (at least temporarily) solution before processing 2008.

Lynne Jones (Oklahoma) drafted a letter of FMCSA enhancements that would facilitate the states’ processing UCR applications. The UCR board will send this letter to FMCSA for consideration. These enhancements would require the following modifications to DOT system: displaying the quantity of trailers as well as the power units; contain multiple UCR registration years; undeliverable mail indicator; programming codes so that “enter” key works (for now you have to hit “search” or no results); add "dba" field along with the legal name field; add entity type for leasing companies.

Frank LaQua (New York) reported there are still many registrants out there (1400 in New York) that are indeed carriers who should update the MCS-150 to reflect accurate status. The 2008 renewal notices will be mailed out soon using MICMUS information so states can advise carriers to pay the 08 fees (probably second week of March). Bill will provide the states with spreadsheets for (1) 2008 renewal notices; (2) 2007 bad addresses; (3) list of registrants only but indicate those who had crash data or roadside inspections (4) carriers who did not pay in 2007.

UCR Board agreed to defer to NCSTS a recommendation enforcement date for 2008. Penalties or fines will vary according to that state’s policy.

Future UCR meetings are scheduled for March 26 (Wed); April 10 (Thurs) and June 9/10 (in person in Louisville, KY)
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