UCR Meeting, Clearwater FL (Jan 14-15)
My schedule did not permit attendance at this two-day meeting in Clearwater, FL but I attempted to listen by phone. It was difficult to hear all dialogue but the major actions of the board are listed herein.

2008 Registration Fees: The UCR Board adopted 2008 fees at the same brackets as 2007; however the date registration will begin was not announced. FMCSA will provide the timeframe for UCR to accept 2008 fees – maybe by April 1.

Additionally, the Board passed a motion encouraging States to require a carrier to justify non-payment of 2007 fees before allowing 2008 registration. The states will endeavor to collect all collectable fees to avoid a shortfall of revenue.

FMCSA representative reported that two states with their own registration systems are still working toward certification to exchange data. This means the Safer link to verify UCR participation is still not one hundred percent accurate.

These states did not participate in 2007 but have indicated participation in 2008: AK, AZ, CA, DE, NC, MO, MN, PA, VT. The deadline for states to commit to UCR participation is August 10, 2008.

Congressional Legislation: the Safety-Technical corrections (some typos, others more significant fixing something) to the Act have passed the House but on hold in the Senate. Not much optimism the bill will pass before Congress adjourns mid-summer. Thus the provisions will roll over into the authorization process next year.

Sandy Bowling of Indiana reported that enhancements for the national online web registration will be ready by end of February. Canadian carriers with only a Canadian address are still unable to pay with their credit card.

The training package was approved and includes a section for Industry, State and Enforcement. An insert for better clarification of proper vehicle count when determining brackets will be included. Watch the UCR website for the posting of this manual.

True enforcement by roadside officers will begin very soon for 2007 registrations. A master listing of penalties by each state is being finalized. North Dakota for example is tying IFTA and IRP renewals to UCR registration and other states will probably follow. Guidance will be going out that 2008 enforcement is not appropriate at this time.

Future board meetings: Telephonic meetings (11am to 2pm EST) on February 21, March 6, and March 26 with Annual Meeting in Louisville, KY on June 9.
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