UCR Board Meeting - SUMMARY
What happens after December 31, 2007? UCR Registration system does not shut down. Continue to register any carriers who are required to pay 2007 fees. About two thirds (215,000) of the potential registrants (360,000) had completed the UCR registration as of December 1.

The 2008 fee recommendations for 2008 have not gone forth. FMCSA raised some issues and the Board will continue to work through appropriate channels for resolution. It will probably be May 2008 before 08 fees will be collectable.

Pending issues before the Board include an identification system for Leasing Companies to register with UCR; Canadian companies with Canadian address for credit card didn't happen for 07; and the number of "undeliverable" mailings.

Discussions of interest .....

Indiana only system "certified" with FMCSA for data transfers. FMCSA will now work with the other states (AL, IL, IA, ME, SD and VA) that have their own systems for data transfer compatibility.

Some broker applications were "missed" in a transfer of data between the Indiana system and the FMCSA system. Unfortunately the system crashed and some were "missed". Keep trying to register the brokers!!

Currently there is no way to make an online adjustment to a filing if a mistake was made and the permit agent and/or carrier knows it's wrong. The Systems Committee will review and offer suggestions for an edit capability.

Remember that you can update the vehicle count while you are registering UCR by entering the number of vehicles prior to registration year (June 2006). Your other choice is to complete the MCS-150. It will be the State's responsibility to refund any monies directly to carrier if he overpaid based upon vehicle count.

Turn around time for address changes by DOT is taking about 2 weeks and that was due to the system crashing. Normally all requests are processed in 48 hours.

Roadside officers will monitor for UCR registrations. If carrier didn't register in 2007 - he must still do so in 08 for the 2007 year. States will have various fines ($100 to $1,000 maximum) and are considering possible penalties once enforcement goes into effect such as OOS (Out of Service) and/or withholding IRP and IFTA permits.

Future board meetings: January 14-15 (Clearwater, FL in person) and February 21 (phone)
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