Updated UCR Enforcement Notice


NOVEMBER 15, 2007

The UCR Board Of Directors requests that enforcement staff provide educational outreach to the motor carrier industry concerning the UCR Agreement and that enforcement not begin until such time as the UCR registration information has been successfully uploaded to SAFER, Query Central and ISS. Therefore, until further notice an educational period is in effect for the UCR Agreement.

The Secretary of the UCR Board also recognizes that certain states will be doing enforcement on carriers based in their states, and this message is not intended to preempt them from doing so.

Safer - UCR Link Works
From www.safersys.org under the middle column “FMCSA Searches” click on “Unified Carrier Registration.” If the carrier is registered in the UCR Agreement the screen to the right indicates the carrier is registered and no further action is required roadside. If the carrier is not registered in the UCR Agreement the message “No data found for this query” will appear. When this message appears please provide the driver with a UCR Agreement Notice (paragraph above). FMCSA is in the process of adding a 392.2 violation code (392.2 UCR Failure/Improper UCR Registration) into the Aspen software to indicate that a carrier is not in compliance with the UCR Agreement.

Reminder - next UCR Board meeting is December 6

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