UCR Mtg - November 1
  Good News!!
State of Indiana has received electronic updates from FMCSA to include broker and freight forwarder registrations as of October 1. Brokers and FFs receiving assignments since October 2 should be uploaded to Indiana’s system next week.

On October 29, Indiana received from DOT data resulting from MCS-150 updates. By next week the goal is for Indiana to receive these updates every 24 hours.

Recommended Enforcement date of November 15 will not be enforced; however no specific date established. Here’s the motion passed: UCR Board gives Bill Leonard (chair, Revenue and Fees Subcommittee) permission, once all states can communicate with SAFER, the right to set a recommended enforcement date and notify the appropriate parties.

Indiana reported that the national online system is working well and has sent 101,000 records to FMCSA (period of September 10 through October 30). Please allow three days for FMCSA to upload into their system and then the link on SAFER website should work (verifying UCR registration).

If a carrier obtains a new DOT or MC assignment today, allow 48 hours for it to appear in the UCR system.

States with their own systems: AL, IA, IL, ME, ND, and VA. Most of these states have in-house systems processing paper, exception is Maine which has an online system at www.maine.gov/online/ucr -- all are awaiting to electronically simulate Indiana’s system with FMCSA.


****The issue with Canadian credit cards (which also has a Canadian address) is not resolved.

****Indiana system does not work with Firefox – use INTERNET EXPLORER

****Leasing Companies still can’t register at this time since they do not have a DOT or MC assignment. Alternatives are being considered.

****Undeliverable mail continues to be an issue. States will be working with FMCSA exploring a way of making “undeliverable mail” part of SAFER. As permit agents you can help insure your carriers have correct addresses by updating carrier's MCS-150. Remember the address must also be changed on the licensing side for the MC assignment.

****Training Manual will be available at UCR next board meeting on December 6.

***Qs & As: There are many questions as to “who files under UCR”. These questions have answers approved by the UCR Board and will be posted on the Indiana national website. Reminder: Many organizations may have “not for profit” status but that does not exclude them from registering with UCR.


****The 2008 fee structure has been submitted to FMCSA.

****Later, the Indiana system will be modified to accept 2007 payments along with 2008 in case a carrier should have registered and for whatever reason didn’t.

****Since August 31, there are 1,500 to 2,000 new entities entered into MICMUS subject to UCR. These carriers will receive a UCR mailing from participating states and New York will mail to carriers from the non-participating states. It’s harder to identify those who changed from registrant to carrier.

****Additionally, research shows there are 400,000 “intrastate” carriers in MICMUS. Some of these entities probably operate interstate and just are not classified accurately. Efforts to contact these carriers and clarify operations could generate additional dollars for the state.

Future UCR Board meeting: December 6 (telephonic); January 14 and 15 (Clearwater, FL); February 21 (telephonic)

*** Questions about this info? Contact Linda Norman at 703-821-0000 or linda@donnormanassociates.com ***