UCR Board Meeting August 9, 2007
  DNA's update of the UCR Board meeting held August 9, 2007:
FMCSA legal counsel gave assurance that the final rule is moving rapidly and they predict it will be out in the very near future. As a reminder the steps are agency review and approval, departmental review and approval, and finally Office of Management and Budget (OMB). While they could not give a definite date, they reiterated the NEAR FUTURE.

Important dates to keep in mind:

August 24 – deadline for states to acknowledge participation or non-participation in a 2007 SSRS registration

August 30 – next UCR Board meeting

August 31 – If final ruling published in Federal Register, then UCR agreement in effect

September 1 – hoping UCR is in effect so no ‘double jeopardy” situation; otherwise states possibly will begin collecting SSRS fees

September 10 – implementation of UCR registration system to be managed by State of Indiana Department of Revenue (IF rule is published)

September 13 and 20 – UCR Board meetings

October 1 – UCR fees to be set for calendar year 2008

States and industry hope to avoid a double jeopardy situation where motor carriers could potentially face enormous fees and two sets of regulations (SSRS and UCR).

Most state representatives on the call do not want to run both programs. While they want to collect the fees under one program, they simply cannot wait any longer for this money. They see the situation as confusing for the industry. It’s very likely litigation on one or both programs may occur if both SSRS and UCR are effective at the same time. They see no finality with current legislation – it’s not the end (or at least not the last word). HOWEVER, most states do agree they will collect SSRS if UCR not in place on September 1.

We will continue to monitor and advise you of developments as we learn them.
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